Fit Queen Signature Black and Pink Zip-Up Sports Bra

Fit Queen Signature Black and Pink Zip-Up Sports Bra

$12.99 USD


Fit Queen Full Support Front Zip-Up Signature Sports Bra

Anti-Bacterial, Breathable, Wireless, Quick Dry

Comfortable, sexy style, hassle-free, front zip-up sports bra

 Our Fit Queen  elegant full support front zipper Sports Bra is designed to deliver incredible athletic performance.
* Super-cozy, classic-fitting, perfect for any type of workout ranging from running to heavy weight lifting.
* Dry-free finish tapers away sweat and moisture, because its compression fit minimizes motion and maximizes support.
* Zipper clicks and locks to ensure the bra stays fastened, while providing extra security.
* This bra comes with a racerback, ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and reinforces the upper torso.
* Because it is longer than the traditional bra, it therefore allows for the weight of the breasts to be distributed across the upper and lower part of back. This improves alignment reduces stress on the back and shoulders.
* 3-D removable pads which are Super Soft with Smooth surfacing.
* This bra is wireless, making it the perfect choice for comfort, flexibility, and extended longer exercise period.